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    E pluribus unum.

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    The culture within our company is to apply our common business principles of quality service and reliability, provided in a timely and internationally coordinated manner.

    All partners share the same values, focused on providing clients with a complete service, ranging from core requirements to developing innovative solutions to complex situations, designed to help clients achieve their legal and business objectives in the most cost effective way.

    Our firm has a quality assurance policy and procedures in place to maintain a high quality network. Prospective employees undergo a comprehensive due diligence appraisal prior to joining the group.

  • Fighting for you.

    What we do and how we do it.


    There is no such thing as compromise.

    Equity enforcement works. It is an effective means of dispute resolution for any dispute with or without the help of a third party (like world-class law firms). It provides a forum in which parties gain become understood, and work together to explore options for resolution.


    We believe in right or wrong.

    By resolving disputes, parties determine for themselves what is important and, ultimately the outcome of the situation. While the many benefits of equity enforcement vary somewhat depending upon the nature of the dispute, and tactics applied, it is always worth a try.


    Always ready to accept your capitulation.

    In case you are an adversary of our clients, you may declare your capitulation at all times by using the contact form, writing us an e-mail, or calling our office. We will stop all activities, ours and those of our law partners the moment you declare your capitulation.

  • A sense of justice.

    The very fundamental principles of our firm's services are knowledge, experience and reliability, whether dealing with a firm or a client. What is more, we welcome you not only as a client, you are our partner for whom we fight with all our expertise. Equity @ Europe is the European department of SCPS Equity Enforcement International in New York. Our mission is to be a leading international network of consultants, working together with law firms and providing our clients with a comprehensive range of services wherever they operate. We make sure that your adversaries are brought to legal justice by the finest and most merciless law firms worldwide. We support you on this path to victory as your consulting partners.

    Why we are your choice.

    The business environment is more internationally focused than ever, with fast-changing, complex regulations and legislation to navigate. We know that a trusted legal partner, who has not only the required expertise, but an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and the competitive environment in which they operate, is essential. Our firm offers a wealth of experience and technical expertise supported by an extensive knowledge of the local business environment. Working with legal professionals around the world, we make sure that our clients will find solutions to all their issues; helping them to succeed when conducting their business in a difficult environment.

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  • Sharpened Intelligence

    A department of SCPS International.

    We deliver what you need to know.

  • Intelligence & Data Management

    Knowledge is the ultimate force.

    Sharpened Intelligence Services

    In 2015 SCPS International took over the non-military services of Sharpened Intelligence (Thailand), not to be confused with "Sharp End International". As a consequence SPCS International has become one of the finest intelligence services in the private sector.


    International services by SCPS:

    • Assessment and analysis
    • IT surveillance  and countermeasures
    • Tactical training (intelligence)
    • Informational protection of operations
    • Strategic planning
    • Coordination of intelligence measures




    Situation Rooms

    In our situation rooms in New York, Dubai, Düsseldorf and Tokyo we coordinate information research, analyze data for your and develop solution strategies for your company.


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